1/2"Hexagonal Aluminum Bar - Drive Shaft 7075-T7351 - 6 foot bar




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7075-T7351 Aluminum is nearly twice as strong as 6061 aluminum and why it's widely used in Aerospace industries. This is the material you want for your driveshafts or other Robotics needs!


1/2 inch Aluminum Hex Bar 7075-T7351 has high strength, lightweight, good fatigue resistance, average corrosion resistance, and average machinability. 7075, one of the strongest aluminum alloys, was specifically designed for aircraft frames and offers strength slightly superior to steel while maintaining the lightweight of aluminum. It is typically used in aerospace, high-end automotive, and defense applications.

  • Tech Specs

    0.27 Pounds Per Linear Foot

    This material meets the following specs : QQ-A 225/9

    This material meets the following specs : ASTM B-211

    This material meets the following specs : AMS 4124

  • Chemistry Information: 7075 Aluminum

    Chemistry Information: 7075 Aluminum



    Al 90
    Cr 0.18 - 0.28
    Cu 1.2 - 2
    Fe 0.5 max
    Mg 2.1 - 2.9
    Si 0.4 max
    Mn 0.3 max
    Ti 0.2 max
    Zn 5.1 - 6.1
    Zr+Ti 0.25 max

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