UHMWPE 3mm 2000lb Paraglider Winch Rope (per foot pricing)


3mm 2000lb 50m Paraglider Winch Rope UHMWPE Braid Line.

A 12-strand single braid is one of the most advanced ropes available on the market today. This rope yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and is stronger than wire rope constructions, but it's so lightweight, it floats. With superior flex fatigue and wear resistance.


This stuff is incredible! It's so strong that many offroad enthusiasts are replacing their steel winch cables with UHMWPE cord.  It's used by paragliders, spear fishing, and offroad and racing teams. It's stronger than steel at a fraction of the weight with the bonus of high flexibility. It also floats and is smooth to the touch. The 3mm load capacity of 2000 pounds is overkill for most robotics needs, but with only 3mm diameter, it's still small enough to fit any pulley system you have in mind.


There are tons of videos on Youtube showing how strong this stuff is. Check it out and stock up now!


  • Tech Specs

    Material:uhmwpe fiber

    Strands:12 strand  

    Tested at 800kg/3mm   



    corrosion resistant  

    pick up less water  

    PU coated and UV resistant  

    Smooth facade

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